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The fluid in your lungs, That tells you you're losing, stop breathing [24 Sep 2005|06:25pm]
gah, nothings new. i have no life.
im sad, i lost my favorite black basic tee from urban outfitters.. i can't find it. i guess ill have to buy another one. haha. but im pretty bummed.
soccer is going pretty good, im dominating out there. however, thursday during gym we had to sprint a half lap in a relay race & i trip and landed on my left leg a weird way and we all think i pulled a muscle in my hip, and it hurts. today i ran at practice, but i could only jog without it hurting. when i sprint i look like a pirate who has a peg leg. it's horrible.
my computer is actually fixed, the internet wasnt working for like 9 days, i had nothing to do.
like 2 weeks ago, i saw the emily rose movie with breana, brit, travis, amanda, sandra and tons of others. i was pretty freaked out. probably because i went to chatholic school and i knew every little religous detail in the movie.. which made it creepy. you have to see it, its worth the 10$ that theaters charge you nowadays. but yeah it was a fun night. i love my friends.
this weekend i have to just sit around and try and fix my hip. hopefully god loves me enough to fix it so i don't need a hip replacement at this age. haha.
eeer, my bayside cd isnt working on this computer, blaaah. i need to here some musicc.
almost 9 months for nick & i. man i love that kid. even when he acts like a fool or when he weres his bathing suit to school (HAHA DAN). the other day when i had a mental breakdown/outburst he was right there by my side making me feel better. 2 thumbs up to him. <33
i posted pictures. so you should deff comment. oh and go comment on my myspace =)
i promise my next post will be more enjoyable.

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Something beautiful Something torn from my handsCollapse )
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[13 May 2005|03:30pm]
eeek. prom is like in acouple of hours..
and finch is on SUNDAY!! OMFG i cant waaiiitt. im jumping with joy!
this is going to be one awesome weekend!!
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the last drop from the bottle fell out, reluctant not to crash [01 Feb 2005|04:39pm]
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[18 May 2004|07:06pm]
friends only;;

add me & leave a comment.
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